Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Getting Gigs: What Promoters Are Really Looking For

Belo artigo do DJ Chamber, publicado no site http://www.digitaldjtips.com/ que vale muito a pena ser lido.
Texto em inglês, mas vale traduzir pois dá aquelas dicas que são aparentemente óbvias mas que as vezes a gente acaba esquendo...

If you want to get the big gigs, you need to play the big game, and that involves working out and delivering what promoters really want.

During my long career in music (working on both the DJ side and the promoter side of bookings), I have picked up some valuable insights into the relationship between DJs and event promoters. There is a fairly large disparity between what many DJs feel promoters want and what the majority of promoters are actually looking for. Whereas many DJs feel that promoters are mainly looking for a well polished set of great tunes and technical skills (and although this can certainly help), promoters will often have a lot of things much higher on their priority list when choosing who to book for their events.

So for anyone who feels that they are not getting enough bookings, not getting the bookings they would like, or not commanding the fees they want for the shows they are getting, here is my insider guide to five of the most important things that promoters look for when booking a DJ. I would go as far as to say that most club/bar/festival DJ bookings that have ever taken place have hinged on at least three out of these five boxes being ticked, so always aim for that as the minimum:
  1. Put in work to get people to the event - This is something that anyone with a little time can and should do for every booking they receive. Bring friends, bring fans, tell people about the events you are playing at and keep all promotion nice and positive. Even if there are acts on the bill you dislike or aspects that you are not so keen on, keep your focus firmly on all the things you do like about the event
  2. Be a natural draw - This one generally comes with a lot of time and dedication and is often the biggest deciding factor when booking the headliner for an event. You will have a much easier time getting bigger bookings if you have an existing fan base or your reputation proceeds you through people knowing your music, seeing you perform at other events or seeing your video content online. Also, being seen as an up-and-comer who is quickly moving up the ranks can attract a lot of attention from promoters who want to book you before your fee gets too high
  3. Be promotable - A well put together press pack with good promotional photos, a nice logo, a clear bio listing your achievements/career highlights and (especially) some good online content (performance videos, online mixes or your own production) can really swing the decision of whether a promoter or club will book you. Anything you provide which can be used in their promotion of the event is seen as hugely beneficial to a lot of promoters. With promotability, even an act with no existing fanbase or friends local to the event can be an attractive booking possibility
Leia o restante do artigo no link AQUI

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