Monday, July 25, 2011

Online Club Experience? Turntable FM is getting there.

Another amazing article that i found @ DJ Tech Tools. It´s a good question to think about. How this new "models" can modify the future of the dj job?

Turntable FM, a hot new topic in tech circles, distills the DJ concept down to a fundamental level. In an open MIC style room, 5 DJs play songs one at a time (with no mixing) and a crowd of strangers provide instant feedback on how much they like the music. This format seems to be highly addictive with Facebook levels of engagement and an exploding base of users (360k FB signups in the last few weeks). The site may have some interesting lessons to teach us about DJing and the future of music technology.

B@ TV is a popular site that provides live video streaming from club events from around the world so you can “be at” any club in the world. Even if that means sitting on the couch in your skivvies with a massive hang over on a Monday afternoon – yes you too can be in the hottest club in the world and never pay a cover charge. The site is addictive and gaining steam but you are probably wondering:

Will the club experience go on-line in the future? Well, Turntable FM and B@ tap into two core human desires:

Social Observation – AKA Girl lurking (Be@) and people watching (Turntable FM).
Power (controlling the room, sharing your personal tastes, being “the” man).
Right now the online experience lacks two critical elements Darwin vs the machine points out in his research

“A nightclub does not sell alcohol, it sells sex and social status.” – Yale Fox

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Credits: Ean Golden

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