Monday, December 27, 2010

How to start a club night (and make money)

How do you enter the saturated club night market in a global recession and make a success of it? London-based promoter Barry McManus talks us through the factors that make or break a new night.

So you want to run your own club night? Great. Got an idea about the ideal venue and music policy? Even better. Maybe you’ve even spotted a glaring gap in the market. Awesome. Unfortunately they are just the first steps on a long, hard road. Those who think running a successful club night is about printing a few flyers, booking a guest DJ or two and partying hard when the night finally arrives don’t last long in the business. Running a club night requires a delicate blend of business acumen, marketing know-how, organisational skills, a true passion for the music you’re promoting and a hell of a lot of hard work.

Browse the listings of DJ magazines, log on to Resident Advisoror check your event invites on Facebook and it seems as though every man and his dog is starting a club night. With a glut of new parties appearing every week, each claiming to be the hottest ticket in town, it has become increasingly difficult to establish a new club night as a regular fixture in people’s diaries. Add this to the effects of a global recession and it can seem as though running a profitable night is all but impossible. However, if you follow our top tips you might just surprise yourself.

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