Thursday, November 18, 2010

How The Stock Market Influences The Hot 100 Billboard Charts

First and foremost, a special thanks to those who have helped me researching this topic for the past 16 months.

Dr. Robert J. Brym at the University of Toronto & Dr. Gabriel Rossman at UCLA


There are many theories that explain why we listen to music. From an evolutionary biological perspective, in order for it to have evolved, it must have provided a distinct advantage for survival. Those that were involved with music lived to pass on their genes, while others perished. Music has existed in every single human culture today and in the past.

There is much theorizing about  why we listen to music. Some believe it is a reflection of our inner selves. It’s also believed to be closely related to language. Both lyrical and instrumental music are categorized into different semi-tones, and affect similar neurological systems.

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Credits: http://www.darwinversusthemachine.com

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