Thursday, November 25, 2010

Creating a Dual Boot XP Installation

Very useful article for digital djs that use pc and windows XP!

Everyone knows that in order to have low latency and hassle free Audio work, you need to keep your Windows XP install as clean and lean as possible and avoid installing any programs that will take CPU power away from the most important tasks. However, the main problem that a lot of home users experience is the fact that they only have one computer to do their Audio work on, and unfortunately the rest of the family uses it as well resulting in your well groomed XP installation becoming some form of nightmare behemoth XP mess! However, there is another way...

By creating a Dual Boot Windows XP install, you can select between two completely separate operating systems upon boot – one for every day usage (complete with your Internet access settings, Microsoft Office and Monkey Island 4) and one soley for your Digital Audio Work, and nothing else!

*** Please note that this guide is not for the computer novice, be sure to READ through this entire article before embarking upon it – it may also be a good idea to create a print out of this so you have something to follow while you are doing it

Also, please note that neither Home Recording Connection (HRC) nor Jues (J. Reeves) are liable for any damage to your computer or data that may possibly arise whilst undertaking this task – this includes tidal wave or giant monster attack, I'm afraid ***

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